Couples and Family Counselling

Couples and Family Counselling helps clients to identify current and potential pitfalls in order to maintain a fulfilling relationship with each other.

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Couple’s counselling involves working with both partners together to improve the quality of their relationship. Sessions could involve learning to set boundaries, learning to express yourself assertively or perhaps exploring how your childhood experience influence your current relationships, something we call the attachment perspective.

Traditionally, couple’s have only come to counselling when they are in conflict or experience difficulties communicating with each other but nowadays, as people recognize the importance of building a healthy relationship, partners can use couple’s counselling even when they start dating.

This can help stop any possible conflicts  before they arise. By taking time to really look at a relationship, any unconscious behaviours can be discovered and discussed before they cause harm.

Counselling has been given as a gift for anniversary presents to help develop deeper and closer relationships, likewise, pre-marital counselling could be used prevent future challenges.

Couples counselling

Here at BlueMirror we understand that couples might seek counselling in times of crisis and that counselling can be a relationship saving resource.

As with all of our counselling approaches, we believe that no matter how you have come to counselling, the fact that you are desiring to make a change is good and we would be happy to be involved.

It could be that you want to boost what is at the moment a very content relationship and see what new ways you can develop your relationship. In either case, couples counselling involves both people working together in the sessiosn.

We will discuss the family systems perspective, it is the idea that when we talk about our individual behaviours, thoughts or emotions, these are actually inseparably linked to those around us.

We can discuss trust, communication or conflict issues and look at strategies for seeing problems clearly and calmly then ways we can overcome said problems.

For those hard times we offer conflict resolution and when things are getting better we will look at strengthening existing bonds.

Family Counselling

In family counselling, we can work in groups of 3-5 people. Like couples counselling we will use a families system system perspective but we will also discuss the more varied roles that are present in a family.

Learning how you fit into a family and how to work effectively as part of a group can build and strengthen relationships. We can also help looking at some of the issues that parents face when bring up children.

New parenthood Counselling

Becoming a new parent presents many different challenges, emotions and demands that you may never have come across before. This coupled with the the physical demands of mood swings or a previous mental health issue can be quite stressful.

We can look at ways of understanding your emotions in this new part of your life and how to maintain good mental health.

For those not yet parents or maybe struggling with infertility issues, we can discuss how you cope and react to your situation and how best to move forward in difficult situations.

Pre-marital Counselling

For pre-marital counselling, we run a set course of 8 sessions. Over these sessions, common topics include:

  • communication styles
  • financial considerations
  • children and parenting
  • faith and values
  • family traditions
  • friendships and leisure time
  • dealing with past relationships

New relationships can be very exciting and dynamic and so when working in this setting we can be very interactive, innovative, creative with how we explore these ideas. We understand that everyone is different and comes with their own philosophy and we can also provide faith based pre-marital counselling upon request.

Couples and Family Counselling

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