BlueMirror is here to help you to reflect deep inside and see your inner strength.

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BlueMirror can provide you with counselling services both in person or online. Rooted in the best practices of psychotherapy and adhering to Carl Rogers core beliefs, BlueMirror provides the very best of evidence based practice and person centred Counselling.

When counsellors provides the right environment that contains warmth, empathy and unconditional positive regard, the individual can live up to his or her potential and make the changes they wish to see, which we call self-actualizing.

We know you are the expert of yourself but everyone can have their own blind spot, we are here to  help you see the options available to you and support you making whatever changes to your thinking or behaviour you want.

BlueMirror is here to help you to reflect deep inside and see your inner strength.

BlueMirror IS:

  • knowing someone is working with you
  • not being led or pushed, but having someone by your side
  • working with you to figure out what YOU want
  • having someone to be honest and accurately reflect what might be your blind spot
  • the support to find your own answers to your questions and effectively implement them

BlueMirror is NOT:

  • someone telling you what to do
  • letting someone make changes for you
  • someone giving you answers you believe in
  • making assumptions about your situation

BlueMirror is successful for those who are:

  • actively engaging and participating
  • working toward a common realistic goal together
  • willing to provide feedback and continually develop their approach to their issues

Who are we ?

BlueMirror primarily work with adults and has expertise in, but not limited to, relationship related anxiety (dating, social anxiety, trust issues, relationship breakdown, recovering relationships, infidelity or divorce) and issues arising from families (infertility, reproductive mental health, co-parenting, cross-cultural issues within relationships, singleness and marriage and family conflicts).

We are also involved in a range of self-care topics such as dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, mood disorders, care-giver stress, stress management and burnout.

Mission: We are motivated by the knowledge that counselling can and does have a strong impact on those who engage with it. We want to see individuals and families recognise what might be a blindspot for them but more importantly, recognise they have within themselves the strengths and abilities to make the changes they want. We believe everyone should have access to talking therapies and are very proud of our online counselling opportunists.

Vision: People flourish from their relationships with themselves, with others and the world.

Bessie Wang

Bessie Wang

Bessie Wang is a BC Registered Clinical Counsellor. She has worked with individuals, families and groups in various capacities since 2008.

Bessie got into counselling as her nature is to be kind, caring, compassionate but also adventurous and resourceful, all of which create excellent conditions to build strong working relationships.

Having worked in this field for a considerable time, she has developed and learned from her  experiences in community, in-patient and out-patient settings. She has also encountered people from all walks of life and with a variety of mental health experiences, both positive and negative.

Bessie has also worked alongside the families of those having difficulties and believes everyone should be supported through hard situations.

Having found her own identity which is a blend of traditional Chinese and mainstream western philosophy, Bessie has firsthand experience of how cultural differences can be understood by being non-judgemental and having an open minded attitude.

Aside from counselling, Bessie has also promoted mental wellness at large community events like the 1st and 2nd Chinese Social Service Exhibition.


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